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Department of Finance

The Department of Finance aims to train students in establishing a solid financial foundation and strengthening their practical operation ability. Combined with lectures from general managers and directors in the finance industry, the curriculum aims to carry out the integration of learning and application. In line with the need for talents in the industry, we cultivate a full range of financial practical talents with professional quality and management ability through high-quality teaching and living guidance mechanism.

  • We plan and develop the core professional capacity of students according to three features that are practice-, employment-, and multi-oriented. The course design and planning emphasize the practice and application.
  • Every semester, chairpersons, general managers, and senior executives in the finance industry are invited to deliver lectures and courses in the department to familiarize students with the current situation and future development of the industry.
  • We provide internship opportunities in financial institutions (Summer Internship) and the last mile of internship mechanism in financial institutions (term practice). The internship opportunity strengthens the students' professional and practical experience, enabling them to obtain immediate employment after graduation.
  • The course design is diversified. In addition to two cross-disciplinary courses, namely, Financial Information and Financial Marketing, four major financial professional courses are set, including Corporate Finance, Securities Investment, Insurance Finance, and Real Estate Finance.


財務金融系(Department of Finance)

賴雅雯 Ya-Wen Lai

副教授兼系主任 Associate Professor, Chair

國立臺灣大學國際企業所(國際財務金融組)博士 Ph.D., International Business, National Taiwan University, Taiwan


Expertise: Derivative Financial Commodity, Empirical Asset Pricing, Nonlinear Measurement Model, Empirical Mode Decomposition


林秋發 Chiou-Fa Lin

副教授 Associate Professor

國立中央大學財務金融學系博士 Ph.D., Finance, National Central University, Taiwan


Expertise: Financial Management, Econometrics, Statistics, Economics, Money and Banking, Fixed Income Securities


涂光億 Kuang-I Tu

教授 Professor

國立中央大學產業經濟所博士 Ph.D., Industrial Economics, National Central University, Taiwan


Expertise: Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Investment, International Economics, Industrial Economics, Finance


許江河 Philip Hsu

副教授 Associate Professor

德國比勒費爾德大學經濟學院財務金融博士 Ph.D., Bielefeld University, Germany


Expertise: Program Trading, Securities Investment and Analysis, Portfolio Management, Futures and Options


李竹芬 Chu-Fen Li

副教授 Associate Professor

德國法蘭克福歐洲大學資管暨財金所博士 Ph.D., European University Viadrina Frankfurt, Germany 


Expertise: Digital Finance, Personal Finance, Mutual Fund Management, Insurance Theory and Practice, Financial Statistics, Financial Institutions and Markets


張麗娟 Lee-Chuan Chang

副教授 Associate Professor

國立台北大學企業管理學系博士 Ph.D., Business Administration, National Taipei University, Taiwan


Expertise: Investment Theory and Practice, Securities Market Management, Corporate Finance, Market Analysis and Marketing, Fund Management, Financial Institution Management, Financial Risk Management  


林慧葉 Huey-Yeh Lin

副教授 Associate Professor

國立雲林科技大學管理博士會計組 Ph.D., National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan


Expertise: Accounting Information System, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Investment and Financial Analysis


蔡豐澤 Feng-Tse Tsai

副教授 Associate Professor

國立臺灣大學國際企業所(國際財務金融組)博士 Ph.D., International Business, National Taiwan University , Taiwan


Expertise: Accounting Information System, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Investment and Financial Analysis


吳樹欉 Shush-Tsrong Wu

助理教授 Assistant Professor

國立政治大學法學博士 Ph.D., National Chengchi University, Taiwan


Expertise: Civil Law and Financial and Commercial Law, Real Estate Finance and Valuation, Asset Management and Trust, Asset Securitization, Fixed Income Securities Investment, Development and Investment Analysis


吳建臺 Chien-Tai Wu

助理教授 Assistant Professor

國立中央大學財務金融學系博士 Ph.D., Finance, National Central University, Taiwan


Expertise: Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Investment and Portfolio Management, Fixed Income Securities, ACCESS Database Management, EXCEL


王若愚 Jo-Yu Wang

助理教授 Assistant Professor

南普敦大學財務博士 Ph.D.,University of    Southampton , UK


Expertise: Financial Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Big Data Analysis, Financial Risk Management