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Future Development

The College of Management will integrate resources of teaching, researching, and both soft- and hardware in each undergraduate department, graduate program, and research centers in future development planning. Also, we will promote global education, constantly hire professional faculty members needed for the development, and enhance our teaching quality and competence in researches and services so as to reinforce the features of the College of Management. Furthermore, we will integrate professional knowledge across the fields and further our management technology. We focus not only the practicality but also the theories, as well as to cultivate innovations, creative techniques, and strategic decision-making ability of our students.

We bring together the missions of administrating the College from different departments that consist of our expectations in academia, our cares to the students, our enthusiasm for teaching, and our contributions to the society. We will continue focusing on “cultivating professionals”, “academia researching”, and “contributing to the society” and striking to be well rounded and preeminent.