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Current situation and objectives

The College has 4 departments, 50 teachers (including 18 professors, 22 associate professors, and 10 assistant professors), and a student population of more than 1900 students.

  • Department of Industrial Management (also offers full-time/Inservice master's degree programs)
  • Department of Information Management (also offers full-time/Inservice master's degree programs)
  • Department of Finance (also offers master's degree program)
  • Department of Business Administration (also offers full-time/Inservice master's degree programs)

Under the development objective of our university of marching toward a sophisticated and outstanding university of science and technology with key features, with industrial management technique as the core of research, our college aims to study and develop new industrial management techniques and train professional management talents with an international macroscopic perspective, innovative thinking, respect for work, and enjoyment of company. To cultivate talents and train students, in addition to emphasizing the cooperation between theory and practice, efforts are directed toward inspiring student thinking and creativity, broadening their horizons, and fostering the foundation for their lifelong learning.