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Department of Information Management
The goal of the Department of Information Management is to cultivate talents with information technology and management ability. In addition to training students to acquire basic information management literacy, we developed two elective programs, namely, E-Business and Enterprise Computation. These programs respond to the trend of information technology and aim to achieve the goal of learning professionally. The department likewise cultivates students’ comprehension, knowledge, and application skills in professional fields, and thus improves the competitiveness of student employment.
● The curriculum combines advanced information science and technology with enterprise management knowledge and focuses on theory and practice. Thus, students acquire core academic literacy in information science and technology management.
● The curriculum aims for students to understand industry dynamics and the strategy of practical application of information technology, as well as develop the ability to collect and analyze information. Such skills will allow students to coordinate the planning and integration of the resources of enterprise organizations and provide enterprises with solutions and competitive strategies.
● The curriculum is planned with enterprise electronic operation and technology as the main axis. Students are trained to become active professional talents in E-business and big data analysis, and the curriculum aims to lay out a teaching laboratory of E-business and enterprise computation.


資訊管理系(Department of Information Management)

藍友烽 Yu-Feng Lan

副教授兼任主任Associate Professor, Chair

國立台灣科技大學資訊管理研究所博士 Ph.D., Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan


Expertise: M-Commerce, Algorithms


吳純慧 Chen-Hui Wu

教授兼管理學院院長 Professor,  Dean of the College of Management

國立雲林科技大學資訊管理系博士 Ph.D., Information Management, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan


Expertise: Data Analysis, Customer Relationship Management, Management Information System, Software Project Management


楊達立 Dar-Li Yang

教授兼副校長 Professor, Vice President

國立清華大學工業工程研究所博士 Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan


Expertise: Data Mining, Production Scheduling


蕭育如 Yu-Ru Syau

教授 Professor

美國伊利諾大學芝加哥校區數學研究所博士 Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, USA


Expertise: Fuzzy Decision Analysis, Soft Computing, Fuzzy Mathematics


陳大正 Ta-Cheng Chen

教授 Professor

美國愛荷華大學工業工程系博士Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University, USA


Expertise: Decision Analysis, Project Management, Artificial Intelligence Application


郭文宏 Wen-Hung Kuo

教授 Professor

國立清華大學工業工程研究所博士 Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan


Expertise: Production Scheduling, Management Information System (MIS) Planning and Design


王秀鑾 Shiow-Luan Wang

副教授 Associate Professor

東海大學工業工程與經營資訊學系博士 Ph.D., Industrial Engineering and Enterprise Information, Tunghai University, Taiwan


Expertise: Enterprise Information, Knowledge Organization


胡念祖 Nian-Ze Hu

副教授 Associate Professor

國立交通大學資訊管理研究所博士 Ph.D., Information Management, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan


Expertise: Network System Design, Database Management


侯雍聰 Yung-Tsung Hou

副教授 Associate Professor

國立中山大學資訊管理所博士 Ph.D., Information Management, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan


Expertise: System Analysis, Network Security, Wireless Sensor Network, Network Management


羅亦斯 Louise Lo

副教授 Associate Professor

國立政治大學資訊管理研究所博士 Ph.D., Information Management, National Chung Chi University, Taiwan


Expertise: Smart service, social media image marketing, e-commerce system integration


吳昌憲 Chang-Shiann Wu

助理教授 Assistant Professor

美國佛羅里達大學電機與電腦所博士 Ph.D., University of Florida, USA


Expertise: Speech Synthesis and Recognition, Multimedia Processing


阮炳嵐 Ping-Lan Juan

助理教授 Assistant Professor

日本名古屋市立大學經濟研究所博士 Ph.D., Nagoya City University, Japan

Expertise: Human Resource Management, Technology Education


林彥昆 Robert Lin

助理教授 Assistant Professor

國立中正大學 機械工程學系博士  Ph.D., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Natrional Chung Cheng University, Taiwan


Expertise: Artificial intelligence drives human-computer interaction, human factors engineering, user experience, big data mining, machine vision, and smart manufacturing