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An-Yuan Chang Ph.D.

Dean, College of Management

(Professor of the Department of Industrial Management)





Dean, College of Management, An-Yuan Chang Ph.D. (Professor of the Department of Industrial Management) 近期論文、專利、獲獎(latest publication, patent, and award):


1. Hsu, C. H., Chang, A. Y*., & Luo, W. (2017). Identifying key performance factors for sustainability development of SMEs–integrating QFD and fuzzy MADM methods. Journal of Cleaner Production, 161, 629-645. [SCI, 2015 Impact Factor: 5.715 ]

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6. Hsu, C.-H., Chang, A.-Y. and Kuo, H.-M. (2012), Data Mining QFD for The Dynamic Forecasting of Life Cycle under Green Supply Chain, WSEAS Transactions on Computers, Issue 1, Volume 11, pp.1-10. [EI]


1. An-Yuan Chang*, Wen-Hong Chung (2017). Analyzing the key agility to enhance performance for SMEs in Taiwan: An Integrated Approach. In the 2017 OBIC Conference “The Asian and the Central European models tested: learning from the past, sharing for the future”, on 17-18 November 2017, Budapest, Hungary.

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