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Development features

The College employs young, energetic, and flexible doctoral teachers. All teachers in this College contribute to the improvement of teaching and research and actively develop collaborative opportunities in industry, government, and university. The representative traditions and features of the college are as follows:

  1. Promote the integration of cross-discipline programs and resources of all departments in the College and provide students with a high-quality learning environment and learning opportunities.
  2. Help students develop their international outlook through student exchanges, recruitment of international students, and access to English courses.
  3. Integrate the resources of the College, provide faculty and students with teaching, research, and learning resources through the cloud management mechanism, and promote professional certificate teaching, tutorship, and certification in the entire College.
  4. Apply the concept of Industrial 4.0 as the main axis to achieve the value-added application of a cyber-physical integration intelligent system. The main items include intelligent factories, big data storage and analysis, control module for Internet of Things, and an innovative and creative teaching mechanism.
  5. Exchange or tutor with vocational high schools, such as attending big data financial securities experience camp, and participation in big data experiences and implementation activities.


  • Cultivate professional management talents required by regional industries with the ability to communicate,coordinate and solve practical problems. More specifically, it devotes itself to provide professional talents in industrial management, information management, finance, and business management required by regional industries including IT, manufacturing, service, and financial industry.


  • Aims to become a refined and distinctive college of Management; graduated students can immediately enter the workplace and possess professional knowledge, skills, communication capability, and ethics that can meet the requir ements of enterprises.